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Latest Heidkamp Family E-mails

2006.8.Tim Heidkamp Memorial Golf Outing

  • Img_4480
    2006 marked the 13th Annual Tim Heidkamp Memorial Golf Outing. Attendance was very high and we raised a good bit of money for the Tim Heidkamp Marine Corps Scholarship Fund. Marc upped the ante this year with a ball drop from a helicopter. The winner donated their large cash prize to the scholarship fund.

2006.7.22.Chicago Veggie Bike & Dine

  • July_2006_032
    Dick, Christine and Bernie completed the third annual Veggie Bike & Dine ride sponsored by the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation. The ride emphasize food as much as exercise, stopping at five veggie-friendly restaurants in Evanston and Chicago. This year the five restaurants were Ten Thousand Villages (more of a fair trade shop) in Evanston and Lakeside Cafe, Heartland Cafe, Mysore Woodlands and Ras Dashen in Chicago. Photos by Bernie Heidkamp

2006.7.20.Traveling With the White Sox

  • July_2006_046
    Dick and Bernie thought they would be bringing the White Sox great luck by taking a roadtrip to Detroit for a night/day game combination on July 19-20. The White Sox didn't get the message, though, losing both. It could have been worse -- Dick could have been hit in the head by a peanut after he stood up to cheer a Juan Uribe homer. Oh, wait, he was hit. Photos by Bernie Heidkamp

2006.5.Big Birthdays: Dick/Don/Kay

  • Spring_2006_032
    On Sunday, May 21, 2006, we celebrated the 75th Birthdays of Dick and Don -- as well as a belated celebration for Kay. We started the evening at Ann and Dick's house and then we moved to Marsha and Don's house for dinner. Photos by Bernie and Christine.

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